Project Management Services

CHL Business Interiors, Inc. prides itself on having the most complete Project Management department in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. Upon award of a project, we meet with all of the involved parties to determine the exact requirements of the project and tailor our management approach to meet the needs of the project. The following is a synopsis of how our services set the standard above our competition.


From the date of award, the CHL project management team is involved in meetings with our clients, their architects/interior designers, along with the general contractor to ensure that the furniture orders, delivery, and installation are completed to the client's satisfaction. All conversations and meetings between CHL, the client, their architect/interior designer, along with the general contractor are documented and copied to all parties.

CHL develops a complete project schedule from the point of order entry through to punch list resolution based upon the overall construction schedule and subsequent move-in date. Realizing that changes are inherent, a flexible schedule can be updated and submitted to the client and architect/interior designer as these changes occur. In this way, potential problems can be identified and resolved in a timely manner and to the satisfaction of all parties.


Upon placement of the order, the project management team begins conversations with the manufacturers to ensure that the installation schedule is adhered to. CHL will keep the client, along with their architect/interior designer completely updated through the means of project schedule reports. These reports are updated throughout the project until all items are delivered.


The CHL project team deals directly with manufacturers to ensure that the project is received to meet the move-in date previously established. With many projects, it is optimal to have as much of the product shipped directly to the job site. This minimizes the damages due to double handling, as well as saves time and money. CHL coordinates, schedules, and meets all shipments at the job site with our installation personnel. As trucks are off-loaded, the product is checked for quantity errors and damage. Should construction or other delays-not caused by CHL-warrant rerouting of shipments to the CHL warehouse, 30 days of free storage is offered to our clients. The CHL team then works with all parties to revise the installation schedule to accommodate these delays without jeopardizing Client move-in.


Once the product is received, the CHL project team is on site to coordinate the installation and answer any questions. In conjunction with the client-along with the architect/interior designer-CHL will resolve any situations that may arise with other contractors that may impede the progress of the installation.

Realizing that safety is paramount to a satisfactory installation, CHL prides on never having a major accident on our project sites. The CHL project team is responsible for regulating the actions of our installation personnel. CHL will submit our "Rules of Conduct" which apply to all CHL project and personnel.


Upon completion of each phase, the CHL project manager inspects the project for quality and functionality. Following a client walk-through, a final punch list is compiled. Every effort is made to complete the punch list in a timely manner.


Once the client's personnel have occupied the new facility, the CHL project team conducts a training seminar at the client's request and answers any questions that the employees may have concerning their furnishings.

Ultimately, the goal of the CHL project team is to ensure that the client's new facility is fully operational on the occupancy date.

Installation Services

All of the members of the CHL Business Interiors, Inc. project team-along with the installation personnel-are factory-trained, certified, and authorized for all of the furniture we are proposing. All have many years of experience and are well versed in the concerns and problems that may arise during an installation and know how to deal with them. One team member is designated as the Foreman for each project. All of the installation personnel are bound to CHL's "Rules of Conduct." The Project Manager and Installation Foreman are responsible for the adherence of these rules.

The Foreman directs the installation personnel toward project completion with the requirements set forth by the client. The Foreman is also responsible for attending all meetings and discussions as required by the CHL project team. During installations, any noted shortages or discrepancies are brought to the attention of the Project Manager for resolution.

Under supervision and direction of the CHL project team, the installers receive, verify, stage, and install the product per the approved floor plans. They ensure that on the date of the client's move-in, the installation is complete, the furniture is fully operational, and all trash has been removed.

Upon completion of each phase, the installation Foreman and the CHL Project Manager inspect each phase of installation to ensure that all components are fully operational, and meets the requirements set forth. All punch list items are to be addressed within a timely manner to ensure operation of the area upon the client's personnel move-in.

Design Services

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